Completionist is an achievement in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is awarded for completing all available side quests in Panama city.


There are a total of five side quests in Panama.

  1. Drug Runner- Obtained by talking to Alvarez after completing the first main mission
  2. Missing Junkie- Automatically given by a woman outside Alvarez's clinic after your first visit
  3. Ratting Out- Automatically given by a Riot Cop after leaving the LIMB clinic
  4. Dirty Deeds- Given by Cobra during your meeting with him
  5. Stalkers- Obtained by talking to Camila after completing her portion of the main quest


  • In the mission Ratting Out, although you still appear to turn in the quest, warning Alvarez that he is being investigated by the police will cause you to fail the quest rather than completing it.