Cleaner bot is a type of cleaner bot that appears in Deus Ex. A new model of cleaner bot, the big cleaner bot, replaces it in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


It is never made clear by which company the cleaner bot is made. It is likely not made by Page Industries or Chiang, since it is not a military or security bot. It may be manufactured by Matsu-Gravas, which handles service bots in 2052.


The cleaner bots are small agile bots that clean areas. It's a defenseless bot that just wanders for cleaning and vacuuming around. Standing about 1 foot tall, cleaner bots are vaguely boot shaped and serve little purpose aside from their aesthetic benefit to the office and industrial environments in which they are found. They do flee when a person approaches, presumably to avoid being stepped upon. They have 20HP and 20 EMP HP.

In older game versions, the Cleaner Bot is invincible, and when hostile, NPCs may attack it. This can cause hilarous situations where the entire UNATCO HQ for example is attacking the cleaner bot.


  • UNATCO HQ (first visit), cleans the level 3.

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