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The Chiron Building is an apartment building in Detroit and the residence of Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


  • Despite the fact that Chiron offers "Executive Apartments" "For Better Luxury Living", Adam can't seem to get his replacement mirror for the one he smashed after his surgery. If you read the e-mail on the front desk terminal, you'll find out that the replacement mirror has been sitting in a warehouse for four weeks despite manager Sherri Ter Horst's insistence that it's still on backorder. There is also an e-mail indicating that Sarif Industries rents out an entire section of the building, at a premium, for its employees.


  • In Greek mythology, Chiron was considered to be the superlative centaur - intelligent, civilized, and kind. He had a unique lineage and as a child, was taught by the sun god Apollo.
  • The actions of the building's resident, Adam Jensen, might be interpreted as having parallels with the myths about Chiron.


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