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The Chiang Arcbot Model 5 is a type of security and patrol bot developed by Chiang that appears in Deus Ex. It is the rarest bot in the game, with only three appearances.


The Model 5 is roughly spider-shaped. It is based on the Chiang Arcbot Model 2, but is significantly larger and more powerful, designed to be a security bot and almost exclusively used for riot control.


The Model 5 moves extremely slowly, but can shoot bolts of electricity that cause significant damage if the player gets close as well as drain his/her bioelectric energy. With 400 HP they are the second toughest bot in the game after the Page Delta-2 Peacebringer. They only have 100 EMP HP hovewer, so the player can take them out with a single EMP grenade.


  • VersaLife labs, Level One, if Denton returns via the front elevator for the second mission.
  • Ocean Lab, near the universal constructor.
  • Area 51, near the entrance to Sector 4.

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