"The Security Bot (also known as “the bulldog”) is small enough for use indoors and outdoors. Its riot shotgun makes it a strong deterrent force."
- Deus Ex: Invisible War description

The CC-75 Security bot, also known as the Bulldog, is a type of security and patrol bot in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


Some time after the collapse, Panzerwerks become the new leader of the bots market. Its main purpose was to create a new generation of military and security bots, formerly held by Page Industries and Chiang. In 2072, the CC-75 Security bot became extremely popular for its polyvalent use between inside and outside and suitable both for home use or commercial.


The CC-75 Security bot is small enough for use indoors and outdoors. Its riot shotgun makes it a strong deterrence force.

It is the second-most common bot in the game, a dog-shaped patrolling machine that will slowly walk back and forth in the area it is guarding. Once the bots are alerted to Alex Denton's presence, they will catch up with Alex as they can run faster. These bots are extremely deadly at close range as they wield a shotgun and are very accurate with it. Their death explosion is also highly damaging if Alex gets too close.



  • It can often be heard saying: "Detected a specific sound, go to the rapprochement."


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