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Boltcaster IW


"Rather than a traditional tension based crossbow, the boltcaster accelerates a bolt electromagnetically. The bolt injects a toxin that inflicts non-lethal poison damage over time."
- description of Boltcaster, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Boltcaster is a weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It fires a non-lethal poison dart.


The Boltcaster is a pistol-style weapon that fires toxin-filled bolts. When a bolt hits an organic enemy, it will poison them for several seconds. This weapon will knock enemies unconscious instead of killing them. The poison does not work on non-organic foes, like robots and enemies wearing Templar V68A power armor.

It is equipped with a scope that can be brought up with the alt-fire key. This scope is the same as the one seen on the sniper rifle and the Assassin Pistol.


  • The Boltcaster is a very useful weapon for non-lethal players because its the only ranged weapon that knocks out enemies. With the scope and some practice, the player can knock out enemies at any range.
  • When using the boltcaster against targets moving horizontally, try to shoot in the direction they're moving, but a few feet/meters ahead of where they currently. Not doing this makes it quite possible for the shot to miss.
  • Stealthy players should put a silencer on the gun, as the boltcaster's firing sound can be heard by enemies if it doesn't have one.
  • In a non-pacifist run, the boltcaster can be useful to help soften up a strong enemy, such as an Illuminati Elite Trooper. After firing a few shots at the enemy, switch to another weapon and finish the target off.
  • The Increased damage mod is useful if the player wants enemies to fall unconscious faster.

Unique variantEdit

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