DXHR illuminati meeting2

Bob Page in his office.

Bob Page's office makes a brief appearance in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It belongs to Bob Page, a member of the Illuminati. It is located in a building associated with Page Industries in Hong Kong.

In 2027, Page participates in an Illuminati conference from this office.


Icarus statue

The statue of Icarus in Page's office.

The room appears to be on an upper floor of a skyscraper, based on the view from the window. The window itself doubles as a computer monitor, with a holographic keyboard in front of it being used to input information.

A statue of Icarus is located in the office; a reference to Page's interest in Greek mythology and to the AI of the same name that he creates.


  • As the headquarters of VersaLife is known to be in Hong Kong in 2027[1], it is likely that Page's office is located in this building.



  1. Deus Ex: The Fall

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