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Bob Page
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Light red brown

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Light red, augmented



  • Bioluminescent Cells
  • Cerebral Augmentation
  • Framework
  • Infolink
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Deus Ex
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Deus Ex: The Fall

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Leader of Majestic 12
Owner of Page Industries


Illuminati (formerly)
Page Industries


Walton Simons
Morgan Everett (former)

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Voice Actor

Cliff Stephens


Bob Page is a wealthy philanthropist and the founder and owner of Page Industries. He was amongst the ruling Council of Five in the Illuminati and in charge of the Illuminati's Majestic-12 division until some time prior to 2052, when he used MJ12 to overthrow the Illuminati. By that time, Page became the wealthiest and possibly most powerful man in the world.


Early lifeEdit

Bob Page was a special protégé to Illuminati leader Morgan Everett. Although Page was a good student, he was also impatient and short-tempered. In 2027, Bob Page participated in a secret conference of people while discussing Montreal, the Biochips, Neuropozyne recall, the LIMB clinics, and Megan Reed's discovery. Later that year, he participated in a similar conference regarding the distribution of Riezene in Panama and Ben Saxon and Anna Kelso's interference in Geneva, and told Picus TV he used nanotechnology to cure AIDS in lab mice. Shortly afterward, he berates Jaron Namir and Sam Duarte for failing to kill Saxon when they had the chance. Sometime later in the same year, Bob Page discussed the Morpheus initiative with Morgan Everett and the nanite virus chimera with Megan Reed.

After the Morpheus project, Page and Everett developed Daedalus, an AI program that would help the Illuminati keep track of and control the new communication technologies. The duo also started a project trying to improve the augmentation of nano-technology that Majestic-12 would eventually turn into the Gray Death virus. Page was a major power behind the push for nanotechnology and was a part of the enhancement project that JC Denton and Paul Denton went through.

Page grew impatient with Everett's unwillingness to use the technology and the Illuminati's slow, gentle ways, and rebelled by leading Majestic-12 in a coup that saw the Knights Templar obliterated and the whole of the Illuminati infrastructure taken over by Page and his allies. The final blow to the Illuminati was when Page gained almost total control of the information infrastructure through the Aquinas System at Area 51 and the Daedalus A.I., thereby making it unsafe for the Illuminati to communicate over the Internet and instead forcing them to communicate by other means.

Wanting to Become GodEdit

In 2052, publicly, Bob Page is the richest man on Earth; a trillionaire and head of the massive Page Industries, Page likes to groom his image in the public eye as a great philanthropist by donating millions of credits to the needy. He still managed to remain very mysterious to the public eye. In secret, however, he schemes to plunge the world into chaos in order to promote the conditions that will allow him to create the perfect world of his visions.

Bob Page plans to perfect the use of nanotechnological augmentations through the Denton brothers and his chief lieutenant Walton Simons so that he could use the perfected version on himself. Instead of turning him into something akin to a super-soldier, Page's modifications would allow him to link himself to the Aquinas Router (which monitored all communication technologies on earth) and then merge with the Helios A.I. He would then unite his system with a series of Universal Constructors, which would allow him to physically create anything he desired on a near-infinite level. With this completed, Page would be all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful; essentially, he would be a god.


  • In two of the three possible endings in Deus Ex, the player is required to kill Bob Page. In Deus Ex: Invisible War, he is dead.
  • Bob Page appears to have basic nano augmentation in 2027. By 2052, he has the Light (his eyes are glowing like Paul and JC Denton's but are atypically red), an Infolink, a framework allowing him to be merged with the Helios AI, and other nano-augmentations that amplify his intellect and connection to the world.
  • Bob Page has a "cyber-assimilated" form, encountered in the last mission, when he, basically, prepares to merge with the Helios AI and the universal constructor. In this form, he has control over an army of nano-creatures and fairly amazing power over the elements themselves.
  • The secrect conference in 2027 has been overheard by a Chinese hacker (email without subject from auto.prog.plague.2213 found in Lower Hengsha).

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • One of Bob Page's greatest personal heroes is Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas was an Italian Dominican priest of the Catholic Church and an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism. Once Page would merge himself with the Aquinas Router, he would become similar to what the Catholic Church believes God to be, with the exception of whereas God's world consists of flesh, emotions, and belief, Page's world would consist of machine, logic, and information.
  • Warren Spector said he originally wanted there to be a fourth, "bad" ending to the game where the player sides with Bob Page (who, realizing JC Denton may actually foil his plans to merge with Helios, offers the player control of a major continent in exchange for allowing Page the time to complete his merger with Helios), but this ending was scrapped due to time constraints in the game's development.





Bob Page and Megan Reed discuss nano techonology

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