A Blue Fusion Reactor is a power generator that uses nuclear fusion to produce a large amount of energy. Four of them can be found in Area 51 during Deus Ex.  


The origin and nature of Blue Fusion Reactors is never fully revealed, but they are rumored to be reverse-engineered from alien technology (much like the Grays and B13 Antimatter Reactors). In official documents, they are referred to as an "artifact", and given the codename ROS172-E (ROS may stand for Roswell.), however this is likely false information meant to discredit anyone who defects from MJ12 and attempts to expose their activities. They are likely very expensive to build and maintain, as they are only seen in Sector 4 of Area 51.

Blue Fusion Reactors are relatively small, being comparable in size to a human. Most of that size is devoted to the Isotope Reservoir. Even for their size, the reactors generate enormous amounts of energy; they are capable of supporting a plasma field around Bob Page, powering the Nanotech Infusion Chamber, and powering 3 different Universal Constructors at the same time. Fusion Reactors cannot be destroyed physically, with either the Dragon's Tooth Sword or explosives.


  • As part of the Illuminati ending of Deus Ex, JC Denton must disable the Blue Fusion Reactors. Every device has a numpad which is locked with the code 7243. Once all 4 reactors are shut off, JC can hit the Infusion Control Switch, which will destroy the Infusion chamber in a violent explosion that kills Bob Page.