Vehicle Concept Capture 3

Blade of Shintaro

The Blade of Shintaro is the only known product of the Trongline corporation.

One of these motorcycles is located inside Francis Pritchard's office, and he seems to be in the process of either tuning it, fixing it, or modifying it.

The motorbike has very minimalist influences on its design, such as the lack of a wheel sheath in the front, and handlebars akin to old cross country bicycles that do not portrude out to the side of the motorbike. While there may be a technical reason for the handlebars, such as an advanced steering system, the lack of a sheath in the front as well as a partial windscreen would cause rainwater, mud, or rocks to be swept into the face of the driver in adverse conditions. This is either a luxury vehicle that is not meant to be taken into hazardous conditions, or it is simply a conceptual fancy on the part of the game designers and not actually a roadworthy vehicle.


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