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The Black Gate is a Roman tower near present-day Trier that once served as a gate through the old city walls. It is considered by many to be one of the best surviving examples of Roman fortifications.

Antarctica Teleporter

The teleporter to JC Denton's Sanctuary in Antarctica.

In Deus Ex: Invisible War it is the location of a secret ApostleCorp lab and the teleport to Antarctica. The Knights Templar have staged an attack on the facility, killing all ApostleCorp personnel except for a single Gray, and plan to use the teleporter to travel to JC Denton's Sanctuary and kill him. Both Tracer Tong and the Illuminati send him to clear out the Templar forces, and the WTO occupies it afterwards. The base itself is mostly guarded by Templar Paladins and Turrets, but a single RB-76 Military bot has managed to hold the square against all SSC forces.

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