For the equivalent item in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, see Biocell.

Biocell in 2052

"A bioelectric cell provides efficient storage of energy in a form that can be utilized by a number of different devices."
- Deus Ex description.

Bioelectric cells (or biocells) are items in Deus Ex, used to recharge JC Denton's bioenergy.

The equivalent of this item in Deus Ex: Invisible War is the energy cell.


Bio-electric cells are compact single-use cells of stored energy which restore any augmented person's bioenergy. Seeing as how nano-augmentation is still in its infancy in 2052, and how cells can be found throughout the world, they likely are also used to charge appliances and mechanically augmented people. The predecessor of these cells is the biocell used by mechanically augmented people, as well as for electrical objects.


"Augmented agents have been equipped with an interface that allows them to transparently absorb energy from bioelectric cells."

In Deus Ex, each biocell recharges 25% of the player's bioenergy, and a maximum of 30 may be carried at one time.

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