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For the equivalent item in Deus Ex, see Bioelectric cell.
Biocell (DXMD)

Biocells, or bio-electric cells, are consumable objects in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that power Adam Jensen's augmentations, as well as certain electrical objects.


Bio-electric cells are compact single-use cells of stored energy which restore any augmented person's bioenergy. Commonplace in 2029, they are made by Voltaik as a portable version of the energy storage cells used to power augmentations. They are fully compatible with their internal counterparts and can easily be used for a quick recharge. Voltaik also ensures they are compatible with current industrial bio-cell standards, so they function with a wide range of powered objects.


When used, biocells restore just under half of the full bar of Jensen's bioenergy. However, unless the Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter augmentation has been upgraded to have "ultra-capacity biocells", a single biocell should replenish more than half of the available bioenergy.

Biocells can be found in the environment through exploration and searching bodies, but they can also be crafted with 120 crafting parts. In addition, they are available to purchase from vendors.

Items that can be powered up using biocells usually have a dedicated receptacle nearby. They include, but are not limited to, scissor lifts, the ice drill control panel found in G.A.R.M. and various specific locks.

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