Between Technology and the Divine is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The achievement is awarded for winning the debate with Talos Rucker in Útulek Complex, and convincing him go in for questioning by Task Force 29.

Winning the debate will also grant you easier access to Rucker's evidence on who is really behind the bombings in Prague.


Rucker will react differently to Jensen depending on how pacifistic (or non-pacifistic) he was on his way through Golem City. If Jensen has killed members of the Augmented Rights Coalition or civilians, Rucker will not respond well if Jensen mentions non-violence during the debate. It is thus best to avoid this option if you have been a lethal player.

Using the Social Enhancer augmentation makes reading Rucker's reactions much easier, and you can select the option that will appeal to him the most.

Select turn tables, patronize, justify, then turn tables and he will give you his keycard and the achievement.