Ben Saxon's computer is in his room on the Tyrant Jetliner. It has only one email.

Recruitment Package Edit

FROM: Namir
TO: Ben


I want to welcome you to the Tyrants. As I stated when we met during your recuperation at the SAF hospital, I will provide you every resource at my disposal to help uncover those responsible for the death of your Team Six members during Operation Rainbird. I want them brought to justice as much as you do.

The Tyrants are truly the best of the best. You'll find that, since we don't operate according to the standards of most special ops groups, we're able to work quickly and efficiently. Joining us also means your augs can be quickly upgraded through the use of Praxis software. You know better that anyone the value in this; it's a luxury only offered to the finest, fittest agents and will enable you to get up to speed with the rest of your team members.


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