Bartender's Survival Guide is an eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found several places in Panama City:

Transcript Edit

Panama has always been a melting pot of ethnicities, and every drink menu should reflect its diverse population. While beer is still our most popular drink (it's so hot that just about anything cold tastes good), we have to be aware to keep up on the latest trends, taking into account our diverse ethnic population and our thriving tourism.

Seco, our sugar cane-distilled alcohol drink, is one of our most popular, but it's not trendy or "cosmopolitan." Remember that the bar clientèle is not necessarily "high class" and keeping seco on hand will keep many of our patrons happy. It's good over ice and with a splash of lime.

For everyone else, there's scotch, rum and bourbon. Brush up on a variety of drink recipes, And don't forget about the ladies! Many of our out-of-towers also like wine, and most bars will keep a broad selection on hand.

And remember: when in Panama, red wine is served cold!

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