Balls is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is earned by scoring over at the basketball court in Detroit.


To get this achievement go to the basketball court in the Detroit city streets, just behind the Downtown Apartments. Locate the basketball court. Near the hoop should be a basketball, which the player should be able to pick up with the Interact button. The player must make it through the hoop in order to achieve the achievement/trophy. There are several ways to achieve this.


  • Should you decide to use a throwing method it helps to quicksave so you can reload rather than chase the ball down.
  • Scoring from a distance is a matter of aiming a little bit above the red edge of the target while standing on the dumpster at the back. Another method is to stand directly in front of the hoop and throw the ball almost straight up.
  • If the player has the Jump Enhancement augmentation they can simply slam dunk the ball by jumping and dropping it in the hoop. This involves picking up the ball with the Interact button then releasing the ball by pressing the Interact button again, thus releasing the ball straight into the hoop.
  • IMG 2250

    This is the general area as to where you should aim.

    Another strategy involves piling up a stack of crates, barrels and dumpsters (if the player has the Throw Heavy Objects augmentation) beside the basketball hoop, climbing on top of the makeshift ladder, and then dropping the ball straight down the hoop.
  • Yet another slam dunk strategy involves the metal bench next to the hoop. Even without Jump Enhancement, the player can jump off the bench towards the hoop and drop the ball into the hoop, scoring the achievement.
  • It is also possible to use the fire escape nearby as a launching platform. Simply throw the ball up to either land on the fire escape or through one of the two windows you can open, climb up the latter and go retrieve it. Walk to the top of the fire escape and jump up on the guard rail, then throw the ball straight down into the hoop. The ball will fly slightly above your targeting dot so aim below the the red edge.

Behind the scenesEdit

Throwing a basket ball through the hoop is a long-running in-joke in the Deus Ex series, originating from the basketball court in the New York City Hell's Kitchen in Deus Ex, with a special message changing at each visit to New York City, and reappeared in the basketball court in the Seattle Tarsus Academy in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The ball may randomly bounce away and vanish, so it is advised that players save and reload if this happens.


The Gamer Inc Balls Deus Ex Human Revolution

The Gamer Inc Balls Deus Ex Human Revolution