Metalweight Championship

Advertisement for an augmented fighting championship.

Augmented Combat Challenge (ACC) is a martial arts competition for people with mechanical augmentations that got popular in the early 21st century as mechanical augmentations became widespread.

ACC started in 2013 as an underground movement in Asia. Within a year, it was accepted as a legal sport in 12 countries, with bets taken online and in Las Vegas. The sport's popularity grew rapidly and it became a multi-million dollar circuit[1][2] with the ACC World Championship being broadcasted and re-broadcasted on Picus Sports channels.[3]

It is unknown if the original Augmented Combat Challenge survived the Aug Incident given the subsequent prejudice against Augs. However, similar competitions (such as the Heavy Metal Fight Competition) are still being held in 2029,[4] so it is safe to assume that the public still has interest in augmented competitions as a form of entertainment.

Known ParticipantsEdit

  • GrandManTation,[2] who is known saying:
"I don't care if I lose a limb, bring it on. It will only make my game stronger when I replace it with a prosthetic one. Tear me, limb from limb!"


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