Assassin Pistol

"A 9mm pistol, manufactured by Mako Ballistics, but modified by Omar Technosect for greater range and damage."
- inventory description, Deus Ex: Invisible War

The Assassin Pistol is a unique pistol that can be found in an abandoned shop "Der Blutende Rabe" in Trier.


The Assassin pistol is a customized version of Mako Ballistics' 9mm pistol that was modified by the Omar. The flashlight has been replaced with a scope and the gun hurts targets more than the factory-standard pistol does.


Compared to the regular pistol, the Assassin Pistol has a built-in scope that can be brought up by hitting the alternate fire key. Scoped headshots do more damage than unscoped headshots do. It also does more damage compared to the normal pistol. Worth noting is the fact that it makes a much louder sound when firing (the unmodified Sniper Rifle firing sound to be exact), which might be slightly ironic for an assassin's pistol.

Otherwise, it is the same as the normal 9mm Pistol.


  • This weapon is great for any character build. It takes two scoped headshots to kill a normal human enemy in normal difficulty, making it very useful for quickly eliminating most of the enemies the player will face.
  • The Assassin pistol is great for ammo conservation when facing normal human enemies because of how powerful each shot can be if the player lands scoped headshots.
  • Stealthy players should consider that the weapon makes the Sniper Rifle's firing sound when fired, so they might want to add the silencer to it.
  • With a silencer mod, the Assassin pistol is very useful for stealthy players. They can use the assassin's pistol to quickly defeat normal human enemies without enemies noticing and with less ammo consumption than the sniper rifle.