Ashes to Ashes is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for completing the fourth Darknet File in the Breach mode of Mankind Divided. The achievement is also available in the standalone release of Breach.

Walkthrough Edit

Main article: New World Problems

The Santeau Darknet File is New World Problems. The file involves Canadian architect Christoph De Luca's quest to uncover the whereabouts of his wife, Mila, after she left to work on Rabi'ah and transferred their life savings to a bank there owned by The Santeau Group.

In order to complete the Darknet File, you must complete specific nodes related to the case being investigated. The nodes that need to be completed are outlined by ShadowChild and stretch across multiple tiers of servers.

Depending on the player's actions, their Ripper may rob 500000 Credit symbol from Mila's account on a secure Santeau bank server, and either keep the money or give it back to Christoph so he could rejoin her there, the latter of which will prompt him to give you 50000 Credit symbol as payment. Robbing the server, even to return to De Luca what is rightfully his, will prompt ShadowChild to lecture the Ripper on such behavior, as she says using the NSN to rob banks gives Rippers a bad name. Additionally, Eliza Cassan will criticize Rippers' for their illegal slandering of The Santeau Group in her news report against them.