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Aqualung is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.

"Soda lime exostructures embedded in the alveoli of the lungs convert CO2 to O2, extending the time an agent can stay underwater."
- Deus Ex description

It is the complement of Environmental Resistance - JC Denton must choose one or the other when installing the augment in Torso slot 2.


  • TECH ONE: Lung capacity is increased slightly.
    • Duration of oxygen supply increased 50%.
  • TECH TWO: Lung capacity is increased moderately.
    • Duration of oxygen supply increased 200%.
  • TECH THREE: Lung capacity is extended significantly.
    • Duration of oxygen supply increased 500%.
  • TECH FOUR: An agent can stay underwater indefinitely.
    • Duration of oxygen supply increased 1100%

Energy Rate: 10 Units/Minute


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