Apex Predator is an achievement/trophy in The Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Towards the end of the DLC, you will have to face off with Pieter Burke in Loading Bay 3. Once you make it onto the roof of the Burke's office container, quietly jump through the hole in the roof, sneak up on Burke, to then perform a takedown for this achievement.

Notes Edit

In a Factory Zero run, immediately take cover after the cutscene. While avoiding the Boxguard, slide along the cover on the left side until your way is blocked by a red shipping container. Using a nearby crate and a yellow support beam, jump onto the shipping container. When the turret, floor-level guard, and the guard on top of Burke's shack are not looking, drop down to the right of where you came up, and immediately take cover again. Then, slide along the cover until you make it to the ladder leading to Burke's room. With the two afore-mentioned guards looking away, climb up. Wait by the base of the next ladder until the heavy guard starts to walk away from you; then, climb the ladder. Now, either knock out the guard, or simply sneak your way over to the rooftop ventilation hole. Keeping to the back wall, slip behind Burke and deal with him.