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Anna Kelso is a protagonist of Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and the deuteragonist of Deus Ex: The Fall


The book begins with Kelso working for the US Secret Service. A former stim addict, she credits her co-worker Matt Ryan for helping her quit stims. An escort job gone awry leads to Kelso's entire team being killed by a team of heavily armed and augmented assassins. After she recovers from her injuries, she begins an investigation into the killings, which is unexpectedly shut down by her superiors.

Kelso eventually begins searching off duty, and loses her job. She learns that the killers were a black ops team called the Tyrants. Over the course of the book, she gets increasingly involved with the Tyrants and their enigmatic superiors, the Illuminati. Consequently she joins the Juggernaut Collective, a cyber-terrorist group. She also meets Ben Saxon, the book's other protagonist, and nearly kills a Tyrant, Gunther Hermann. The book ends with her retiring to Costa Rica with Saxon, who plans to leave for an unknown location - but Anna urges him to stay.

After hiding out at the Duarte home in Costa Rica for several months, Ben recounts some of his history with the Tyrants to Anna, including their assassination of Mikhail Kontarsky, and his escape. When their Neuropozyne supply runs low, Anna agrees to stay in Costa Rica and dig up more information on the Tyrants while Ben goes to Costa Rica to find a new supply. During his time in Panama, he informs Anna via Infolink about a dangerous drug conspiracy going on there, and continues to investigate despite Anna's warnings that it's not their battle. After witnessing an assassination by Sam Duarte and the Tyrants, Ben warns Anna to leave Costa Rica, as their position has been likely compromised.


  • Kelso is in her late 20s or early 30s.
  • Her augmentations include retinal prosthesis, telecom package and a rebreather aug in her chest.


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