DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Angela Gunn was a journalist operating in Prague until the late 2020s. In 2029, she is the victim of a "Harvester" murder where her augmentations are forcibly removed. Gunn had been investigating politicians like Radko Perry, a man who takes a strong anti-augmentation stance in public to win votes, but in private is not so extreme. At one point she obtained physical proof of his real stance and was using it to blackmail him into dropping some of his anti-aug sentiments.

Angela is one of Johnny Gunn's ex-wives, who is suspected by the police as being the murderer. However, her true killer is Daria Myška, who was "implanted" with the memories of a dead serial killer and began to perform almost identical murders herself.



  • The truth behind her murder will not come to light unless Adam Jensen helps out the detective during the side missions The Harvester and The Last Harvest.
  • An email on Little k's computer reveals that Angela was invited to join Samizdat but she politely declined as she didn't want to abandon her identity and go into hiding like the members of Samizdat have.
  • Concept art shows that her augments were made by Tai Yong Medical.


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