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In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Adam Jensen has a personal computer in his apartment in Prague. Below is a transcript of e-mails found on this computer. The computer is unlocked, so no login details are required.


Re: Question For YouEdit

From: Christian Jarreau
To: Adam Jensen

Hey, Jensen.

Sorry not to get back to you before this. Been buried in a sea of paperwork. And frankly, I'm surprised you're asking. Only met Miller once, via the NSN. Seemed more than competent. He was with the Tactical Assault Group in Australia before the Incident. Hell of a marksman, so they say.

Don't know how he ended up overseeing the Central European office. But then, I don't understand how you ended up there, either. After Detroit, I figured your SWAT experience and my recommendation would get you in the door, but I thought Headquarters would keep you in the States. Sure could use your insider's knowledge of aug developers to get a handle on the blackmarket suppliers we've been chasing down. Hate to say it, but they're giving us hell.

Ah well. Adapt and react, right?

Anyway, not much more I can tell you about Miller. If you do put in for a transfer, let me know first. Maybe I can pull strings.

Christian Jarreau


From: Errolson Hugh [ACRONYM][Notes 1]
To: Adam Jensen


Thank you for your detailed specifications for the trench coat. As discussed, it will be completed within ten business days and shipped express.



Errolson Hugh
Schroederstrasse 8
10775 Berlin
T. 49.30.3993.8792

You OK?Edit

From: Peter Chang
To: Adam Jensen

Director Miller said you'll probably come in after a good night's sleep, despite what just happened to you. I have no idea why you would do that. If it was me, TF29 is the last place I would want to go right now. Don't let the bunker atmosphere fool you. This place is a target! WE ARE ALL TARGETS!

I'm not just being paranoid here, OK? You'll understand when we talk in person.

p.s. Related to the above thing we need to talk about - I changed your office password. It's now the name of the band on the shirt Aria wore that time I saw her (the one I told you about). I swear I'm not trying to be cute or critic. I'M TRYING TO BE SAFE.


p.s.s. Try running through your home smart system interface again and let me know if you're still getting that armoury glitch. Latest firmware should've taken care of it. Last thing I'd want to do in your shoes is leave my apartment without bullets.

Info on MarchenkoEdit

This e-mail appears during the second or third visit to Prague if Jensen previously asked Delara to look up info on Viktor Marchenko.

From: Dr. Delara Auzenne
To: Adam Jensen

Hello, Adam.

So I made a few calls and I think I know why I-link came up with nothing on Viktor Marchenko. He wasn't using that name when he entered the Utulek ComplexsicIcon sic. He was calling himself "Viktor Melnik."

There's plenty of stuff on Melnik after 2027 – most of it posted by State Police in the UtuleksicIcon sic Complex. Seems like he stood up to them a few times when they were "performing routine document checks," "questioning suspected wrongdoers," and "confiscating suspicious merchandise" inside several of the residential sectors. But if you ask me, every single one of the complaints looks like a classic "he said/she said" situation, and I can't figure out who's the bigger bully.

Still, it got me thinking. If Melnik really is his last name, why tell you it's Marchenko? Suppose it really IS Marchenko and he decided to use Melnik after 2027 to pay homage to somebody else?

Ran a crosscheck on the two names and came up with this: Alisa Maratovna Marchenko, a suspected Russian Intelligence Agent who lived in Kharkiv, Ukraine around the time of the 2014 revolution. Her maiden name was Melnika.[Notes 2] US Intelligence thinks she may have been secretly recruiting dissidents and seeing pro-Russian sentiment throughout parts of eastern Ukraine for years. She married a Viktor Marchenko in 2021 and moved to Belgorod shortly after, but disappeared with her husband and kids just prior to the Aug Incident.

Thing is, the Viktor Marchenko she was married to wasn't augmented when they disappeared. So I don't know if he's the same guy or not.


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  1. ACRONYM ( is a real-life technical apparel brand that designed Adam Jensen's trench coat for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Errolson Hugh is ACRONYM's co-founder, lead designer, and the model in some of ACRONYM's photos and videos. (Source: Haute Future: How Fashion Designers Improved Deus Ex.)
  2. The correct female surname is Melnikova or Melnik, not Melnika.

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