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Adam Jensen has a computer in Task Force 29's headquarters, Prague during Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This is Jensen's work computer so contains e-mails from his TF29 colleagues.

The computer is unlocked so does not require any login information.


Shooting Competition 3Edit

From: Aria Argento

Attention everyone:
The 3rd Quarterly TF29 Shooting Competition is almost upon us!
Remember, our firing range is always open, featuring any firearm in the TF29 arsenal, with unlimited ammunition!
Have YOU practiced enough???

Security updateEdit

From: Peter Chang

Given a recent string of questionable network activity - as well as a general climate of fear and suspicion and heightened security threats in the city - I would like us to move ahead with new network security protocols.

Stage 1 of these protocols includes the deployment of an automated network refresh system that changes all general systems passwords every 6 days. This will also affect your personal passwords - you'll be prompted to change them manually (and "meaningfully") far more often than you're used to.

What do I mean by "meaningfully"? Good question. I mean the system is designed to distinguish a secure password from a crater-sized security risk. Trust it.


Dubai missionEdit

From: Director James Miller

To all staff:

This is to address the recent mission in Dubai.

We all know someone who died in that action. Our own consolation is that they died doing what we all believe in: Trying to make the world a better place. However, there is no excuse for the mission to go to hell the way it did. The reason it did are now under thorough investigation. We can all do better than this, and from now on, we will. For them.

Further, rumors have come to my attention which question why we were in charge of the op in the first place, rather than Station Muscat. These speculations are a distraction and strongly discouraged. Please remain focused on the actual task at hand.

Those were our people we lost. It falls to us to avenge them.
Memorial services will be forthcoming.

Director Miller


From: Dr. Delara Auzenne

Having recently joined the team, I wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is Dr. Delara Auzenne, now resident psychiatrist for the Prague bureau.

In addition to providing consultancy training for psychological profiling, hostage negotiation and criminal communication. I'll also be the person responsible for staff psychological assessment and counsel.

Due to the nature of our work here at Task Force 29, every agent has a high risk of exposure to emotional stress and potential trauma. Mental health is just as important as physical health if not more, so it's important for you to have access to relevant professional support both during and after any case you might be working on.

I look forward to meeting everyone individually over the following weeks for an initial consultation.

Dr. Delara Auzenne

Neuropozyne orderEdit

From: Dr. Jennifer Philips
To: Adam Jensen

Agent Jensen,

I noticed you have not yet picked up the supply of Neuropozyne I ordered for you this month. I also notice it's the third time in a row that you have been late picking up your prescription. In my experience, agents like yourself are prone to testing your limits, denying themselves the crucial medicine they need due to either pride, an overinflated sense of machismo, or a well-intentioned but misplaced belief that "others may need it more."

If none of these reasons describe you, then I apologize. But I suggest you not be late again, for I will be forced to assume you are obtaining the drug somewhere else, illicitly, and will have to report you to the head office.

Thank you for your cooperation..

Jen Philips, MD
TF29, Central European Division


From: Duncan MacReady
To: Adam Jensen

I'm still waiting on your after-action report. We all gotta file them, you know.

Drag your heels much longer and I'll write it up myself. Guaranteed you won't look good in it.

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