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In 2029, Adam Jensen lives in Prague, in apartment 43 of the Zeleň Apartments building located in the Překážka district.

Amenities Edit

  • The apartment contains three storage units hidden in the wall. The storage units can be accessed by unlocking the wall panel through the computer. Each storage unit stores 8 inventory items of any size.

Trivia Edit

  • Safehouse, the song that plays while Jensen is visiting this location, has a reverberated sample in it going "Do you like our owl?" This is in reference to the cyberpunk movie, Blade Runner.

Notes Edit

  • If Jensen locks the doors with the Smart Home System and leaves through the bathroom's window and goes back to the apartment to interact with his door keypad, it proves that Jensen either forgot or does not know his own apartment's keypad code. It is unknown that the developers forgot or intended this.
    • Any 4 digit code will work on the keypad.


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