A Heist of Olympic Proportions is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, awarded for completing five Picus servers in the Breach mode of Mankind Divided. The achievement also appears in the standalone release of Breach.

Walkthrough Edit

Picus servers are marked by a "P" in the node map. This achievement can be completed by completing five of any combination of Darknet servers and standard servers associated with Picus.

  • Four Darknet servers can be encountered during the Darknet File Sleight of Hand.
  • Additionally, there are four additional Picus servers that are not part of the Darknet File, listed below. The easiest one of these servers is S10_BYLINE, located in a Tier 1 network.
    • Network 1A - S10_BYLINE
    • Network 3A - S18_BYLINE
    • Network 3A - S18_EMBARGO
    • Network 4A - S11_EMBARGO