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When infiltrating the Augmented Rights Coalition base in the Golem City during the events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Adam Jensen can find and hack computers used by the ARC members. Below are the transcripts of e-mails found on these computers.

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Shipping computerEdit

This computer is unlocked.

Welcome Package for IvanEdit

From: Viktor Marchenko
To: Bela


Make sure Ivan gets his welcome package before he leaves on assignment.

AugNoMore - Get Back to NormalEdit

From: [Unknown Sender]
To: Mailing List

Are you tired of being spit on when you walk the streets?
Have you had enough of cops on you for no apparent reason?
Can't stand lugging around that machinery day after day?

Come to us! For a low, low price, we'll help you get rid of your unwanted augmentations!

Prosthetic arms? You bet!
Prosthetic leg? No problem!
We'll even take a shot at removing any extraneous cranial enhancements! That's how dedicated we are to your comfort.
Come see us at Aug No More and we'll make sure you leave just a little lighter than when you walked in!

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