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AJ09-0921 Patient X is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is found in Megan Reed's office at the very start of the game. Though found out later in the game, this report is actually on Adam Jensen himself.


-S: M
-A: 32
-blood O RhD negative

DNA analysis of sample taken shows unusually high presence of mutagenic chemicals in the primary strand. These don't appear to be harmful, however; in fact, X appears to be healthier and more resilient to infection than most subjects of a similar age and ethnic background. (Although admittedly, this is based on personal observation only. Access to X's medical files and history is not possible at this time.)

More interesting to note, however, is what these chemicals do when isolated and introduced to the PEDOT-cluster. In less than 24 hours, artificial materials within the cluster have been completely encapsulated in a thick, semi-permeable coating of Subject's OWN neural tissue. In effect, the "invaders" are being "disguised" as part of Subject's nervous system!

Tests have yet to be concluded, but it is my belief that PEDOT-clusters built with this unique DNA signature will be undetectable to the human immune system. The bond between what is nervous system and what is external device will be blurred to such an extent that no glial tissue build-up will occur. Neuropozyne may no longer be needed!

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