33 Hlavní Apartments (stylized as Nº 33) also known as "modern apartment" is an apartment complex in Čistá Čtvrť, one of the districts of Prague.

Overview Edit

The apartment complex has six units and is divided into three levels.

The apartments are used by the following residents:

  • #201 - Even Prybil, whose parents have recently been deported to Golem City.
  • #202 - John Dubnyk, who hosts parties known as "Neon Nights," which involve neon supplied by the neon dealer Cygnus. His apartment is a possible starting point for the Neon Nights side mission.
  • #203 - Jim Miller.
  • #204 - "P.Y Navetat", as listed on the mailbox plaque for this unit. This name does not appear elsewhere.
  • #301 - Mikael Mendel's apartment and shop.
  • #302 - In use by Samizdat member Little k. The mailbox plaque does not list a resident for this unit.

Two storage units are located in the courtyard. The right-side unit is in use by Mikael Mendel, and is accessible by the keycode 4227. This unit contains a vent that leads into Mendel's apartment. The other unit is accessible by the keycode 2913.

Trivia Edit

  • "33" is the street address of the apartment, and Hlavní means "main."

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