SoCal earthquake aftermath

Destruction caused by the earthquake in a portion of south California.

The 2030 earthquake is a major earthquake that destroys a large portion of the west coast of America. It occurs in 2030, during a time when there is already political and economic instability in the United States.[1]


According to research carried out by Samizdat in 2029, the number of low magnitude earthquakes (defined as having a magnitude of 4 or less) occurring in the world has increased by 300% from 2018 to 2028. They note that the number of larger magnitude quakes has been consistent across these years, but suggests that the lower magnitude ones are caused intentionally.[2] In the same year, there is an international summit on seismology held in Hawaii that discusses activity around the Ring of Fire. One leading seismologist warns that there is a build-up of seismic energy between the North American and Pacific tectonic plates. If the subducting North American plate moves relative to the Pacific plate and causes a shift in the water column, a large-scale tsunami unlike one seen since the Paleolithic era will occur.[3] The areas hit by the 2030 earthquake sit right on the plate boundary between the North American and Pacific plates.

Cause and AftermathEdit

It is rumored that the earthquake does not occur for natural reasons, and is instead artificially triggered by humans. Some suspect a secret cabal, such as the Illuminati, of being behind it,[1] although this link has not been confirmed.[Note 1]

The quake destroys most of San Francisco, while Los Angeles and the majority of southern California are lost to the Pacific Ocean. This creates a new west coast of America. For example, Pasadena is now on the coast,[4] whereas it was previously about thirty kilometers inland.

The damage caused is a great setback to the United States, and it is on the brink of collapse following this disaster. Due to this instability, the Illuminati plan to let the country collapse so that it can more easily take full control of it. However, this never happens and the country instead rights itself.[1] The 2030 earthquake thus becomes a pivotal event that leads to the downfall of the Illuminati, as they begin to loose their grip on society and are consequently taken over by Majestic 12.


  1. Earthquake Picus

    The news report created by Picus.

    Although it is not confirmed, there are hints that it might be true. In the Picus Group corporate vault of Palisade Property Bank, there is a "work in progress" news story about a major earthquake along the west coast of North and South America. It states that the quake has a magnitude of 8.3 on the Richter scale, and that the death toll could reach 45,000. Since no such earthquake is known to have occurred in the universe by this time, it is possible that the Illuminati-controlled Picus is preemptively creating a news report on the earthquake that the Illuminati later plan to cause.


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