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1st Force Recon Company Log is a book appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in the MJ12 Missile Silo.


1st Force Recon Company Log
Captain Veronica Oberst, Company Commander

... initial resistance was light and by 19:45 we were able to secure the silo and surrounding facilities with minimal casualties -- nothing more than a bunch of scientists, most of them not even armed. I've detached a platoon for mop-up and identification. HQ has asked for a complete list of enemy casualties; I've also been asked to locate Howard Strong -- he's one of our assets -- and turn him over to Agent Karyo. A preliminary list follows; I'll update it as more information becomes available.

  • Dr. Sue Feguson - Deceased
  • Dr. Royce Davison - Deceased
  • Elroy Jones - Deceased
  • Dr. L. Bernard - Captured
  • Rory Calloway - Deceased
  • Jessica Hutchens - Deceased
  • Dr. Yuri Alibek - Deceased
  • Dr. Hanako Miyase - Deceased?
  • ...

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