****! Taser Fist! is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for using the upgraded TESLA augmentation to take out four enemies at once. TESLA is an experimental augmentation, so you must first unlock it and then get its Quad-Arc upgrade so it can effect up to four enemies.


  • Firing the Tesla augmentation creates a very loud crack and will cause Jensen to uncloak, thus alerting all of the enemies in the immediate area and cause them to open fire on him if they have not already. Unless the area has precisely four enemies in it that the darts can reliably track and hit, it should not be attempted during stealth.
  • Some pieces of cover can block the darts if fired at from certain angles and alert the victim(s). Coupled with the aforementioned fact that Jensen will uncloak when firing means that combat and alarms will ensue very quickly unless the player can subdue their target(s).