'Ton Hotel logo

Sign for the 'Ton Hotel.

"Stay out of the 'Ton, bro'. Bad shit goin' down."
- Bum

The 'Ton Hotel is located in Hell's Kitchen, New York.


It was once a Hilton hotel but the left half of the neon sign has failed and it has become known locally as the 'Ton (rhymes with dawn). The 'Ton is run by Gilbert and Sandra Renton, father and daughter. Paul Denton and JoJo Fine hide here. The 'Ton can be entered through the front door or through a side window leading into Paul's room. Only two suites can be explored. One is Paul's, and the other is at first unclaimed and filled only with dead occupants next to 2 vials of zyme, but later you can find a female bum is living there claiming that the "owner's are out of town". Through the doors of the other two rooms, you can hear a TV playing behind one, and sex (or a porn film) behind the other. The latter is assumed to be Jojo's room, but this is never confirmed and the room can never be entered. Items can almost always be had in the registration office, Paul's suite, and the elevator shaft (the bottom as well as the very top).


The player's first experience in the 'Ton is an optional hostage rescue. One terrorist will be inside the registration office threatening Gilbert, and two will be upstairs threatening citizens. The NSF terrorists will kill the civilians if not defeated quickly (excluding AI glitches). The player may then enter Paul's apartment to gain access to supplies and ammunition.

On the second visit, JC meets up with Paul in his apartment concerning the kill switch. After investigating NSF headquarters and returning, MiBs will raid the hotel trying to capture Paul and JC. As a side quest, Jojo threatens Sandra, and the player can choose to arm Gilbert (who can then either kill or be killed by Jojo), kill Jojo outright without arming Gilbert, or let the scenario play out as an observer.

The 'Ton can be visited one last time after returning from Hong Kong, but there is nothing significant to do (aside from getting loot). The building only serves as one avenue to Jock.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the hotels front desk guest book alongside Paul Denton there is listed a number of literary characters
    • "Gully Foyle" (from The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester)
    • "Gabriel Syme" (from The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K Chesterton)
    • "Oberst Enzian" (from Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon)
    • "Smilla Jasperson" (from "Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow" by Peter Høeg)
    • "Hippolyta Hall" (Real name of "Fury", DC comics character)


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